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VeneTia Pageholder
Deep in the subconcious of Venice lies a dream of the East... a sea-wish of levantine domes and silk brocades. Across the water in Murano, that fusion glows in the furnaces of the glass-blowers, for centuries kept captive on the island by their own secret knowledge of the East. They still make molten art and silvered mirrors, but now...

Japanese architect Takuo Taira captures a reflection of Venice in the perfection of Murano glass: the quality of light on the water, fireworks frozen in gold and silver, the clarity of a dream...

He has brilliantly reconceived the traditional glass paperweight as a frameless frame to hold a photograph, a precious page, an honored name.

Handblown, with an interior explosion of sterling silver or gold.

VeneTia Pageholder
Dimensions: Diameter 2 1/2 inches, hight 1 3/4 inches.
Available in silver or gold