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Tassotti Photo Album
The art of composing a fine photo album requires a curator's touch, a critical eye, a talent for juxtaposition. But the real secret is that it needs the restraint of a guiding theme: the trip, the reunion, the house that we built, the play that Paolo directed. Hence the importance of a small photo album. Just big enough to include the highlights of a world tour, or a deeper view of a summer's sojourn at a single, very special location. Either way, you won't bore your friends.

Tassotti Photo Album
Artisan-made small photo album with antique map cover. 30 pages, 8 by 6 inches.(To the left of the picture)

Tassotti Address Book
Quality crafted libretto from Tassotti, with an antique map cover. 150 pages, 6 by 8 inches.(To the right of the picture)