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Ottavia's Honeycomb Bathrobe

Sweet! In Italian, this luxurious cotton weave is called Nido d'ape, or 'beehive' because of the honeycomb texture. It's wonderfully absorbent, much lighter than terrycloth, and very much more flattering. In Italy it soothes me over that traumatic daily event: the exit from the hot bathtub.
In America (where the plumbing can't be faulted) it wraps me in the memory of a simpler, more natural life.

Bathrobe of 100% cotton.
Size: M, L, XXL
Colors: black, pale aqua, coral, beige

Children's bathrobe (not shown) comes with hood to keep wet head warm.
Children's age 4, 8, 12
Colors: baby blue, baby pink