What are the themes-the passions and deep interests, the peccadillos and eccentricities that represent a life, that make a portrait uniquely recognizable? These are the questions that Ettore Sobrero considers in his work, and the questions he asks you to ponder in choosing a miniature library for yourself or a loved one. To guide you, he offers a selection of themes especially for Ottavia's friends:

Cinema    Golf    Literature    Music

    Within each theme you may leave the details to Sobrero's imagination. (We call this a 'standard' version, but in fact there is no such thing. Each library is quite unique and no two are ever identical.)
    Or, within a theme, you may suggest your own ideas for a very personalized rendition: favorite authors, a family photo, a treasured memory, a special award, a unique accomplishment to be reflectedů Sobrero will work with your suggestions to create a customized miniature library, in the same way that a painter gets to know his subject before making a portrait. The final result is the artist's own interpretation, subject to his tastes and the availability of materials.