Insalata di Sedano e Tartufo
     Salad with Celery Root and Truffle

1 celery root

1 celery heart

1 head butter lettuce

1 truffle (1 oz) or 1 tbsp truffle oil

1/2 lb cured ham or tongue

3 tbsp olive oil

juice of half lemon

salt and pepper

Peel the celery root and cut into matchstick pieces. Cut the celery into thin slices horizontally. Cut the ham or tongue into two thick slices and then dice it. Dissolve the salt in lemon juice and mix with the olive oil. Dress the two types of celery together with the lemon/salt mixture.
     Line a salad bowl with the lettuce leaves. Place the celery mixture on the leaves, with diced meat on top. Sprinkle truffle shavings or truffle oil over the salad.
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