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What is it? A boutique? A magazine? A conversation among friends? Something unique---a suitcase full of the essence of Italy---the flavors and the fashion, the rich traditions and exquisite design. Stories with an insider’s insight, recipes, travel tips… What’s in my suitcase now? Just a small sampling of what’s to come:

The true Balsamico di Modena, a culinary magic potion… Tartufo Bianco, the ephemeral white truffles from Alba… Lorenza de' Medici captures the essence and gives you the recipes…

The jewelry of Donatella Pellini, from rose petals captured in liquid amber to antique crystal in a boldly modern setting...

The microcosmic libraries of Ettore Sobrero, personalized conceptual art on a magical miniature scale…

Wooden bicycles, the coolest road candy handcrafted by the Tuscan artisan Magni Vinicio…

And a vacation at your own private villa in the Lucchesia region of Tuscany …

Check it out, then tell me what you think… What do YOU want to see in my suitcase? What do you miss most from Italy?


PS. The last thing in the world I want to do is bore you, so if you don't want to continue receiving these messages, please just reply and say "cancel." Grazie!