Meet Magni

Magni Vinicio is a man driven by a double passion. He is a master craftsman, trained from youth, who can read the secrets written in woodgrain. And he is a dedicated cyclist who knows his machine-the complex ratios of stress and strength, the mysteries of speed, and the immeasurable factor of style. He has even sacrificed fingers to his art.
        He is happiest when prototyping a new design, researching materials, testing, refining, testing again. Far too much of a perfectionist to be a purist in the narrow sense, Magni uses steel when function demands, and experiments with the fusion of technology and tradition.
        Magni is actually his family name, Vinicio his given name. In Italy, the reversal hints at humble origins in the countryside of Tuscany. Magni wears this simplicity with a certain sophistication. His studio is located in Quarrata, a village near Pistoia that is known for fine craftsmanship in wood. But this is not Geppeto's workshop, and Quarrata is no story-book hamlet. Think instead of a less-than-picturesque industrial suburb, a place where work and family blend. Magni's brother shares a business with him too, building sofas of a uniquely functional design. Practical sensibilities run in the family.